Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions 
Once booked in for a clean, either by phone, website or text message, customers have automatically agreed to Goldforest Cleaning’s terms and conditions.
Business day: operating between 9:30-19:00 7 days a week including bank holidays excluding Christmas day
The provider means Goldforest Cleaning
2.Contract:  Customer agrees to a minimum of three months cleaning
                   Minimum of two hours cleaning weekly
                    Minimum of three hours cleaning fortnightly
3.Services:  Clean and polish all surfaces, remove dust, empty bins, hoover, mop, polish mirrors, clean bath, shower, taps, sink and toilet, clean doors, skirting boardand light switches,
4.Excluded services:  External window cleaning, working at height (Cleaners must be able to safely reach a cleaning surface to clean it.  Cleaners will not provide bleach.  If oven cleaning required cleaners can only surface clean and have no special tools to professionally clean ovens.
5.Extras:   Changing bedding add 15mins on cleaning time per room, an hour extra for ironing
6.Check list:  Customer is encouraged to leave a cleaning check list for cleaners to receive the best personalised cleaning service.
7.Equipment:  If customer is using their own cleaning materials and equipment the company cannot take liability for any faults that may occur. 
If customer would like cleaners to use customers cleaning products and equipment, then it is up to the customer to demonstrate how to use this equipment and materials correctly.
Customer must let cleaner know of any delicate surfaces that might require additional cleaning products before the clean. 
8.Insurance and claims
The providers public liability insurance will cover damages caused by Goldforest’s cleaners of up to £1.000.000
Customer must report any damages within 24 hours
The provider assumes that all surfaces are properly sealed and ready to clean without causing any harm. 
Any customer that’s committed or attempting to commit insurance fraud will be prosecuted.
Made by bank transfer, Card payment or cash.
Cleaners to be paid at the end of each cleaning day by bank transfer, or cash.
Agency fee to be paid monthly within 24 hours of the invoice date.
Interest maybe applied to any outstanding invoices at the rate of 8%

Customers agree to pay £14.00 per hour with out (Equipment and Cleaning products) and £16.50 with (Equipment and Cleaning products included) plus agency fee
The customer agrees to pay the full price of the cleaning visit if they cancel or change the times within 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment.
Either party may terminate the contract by giving written notice of termination within the period of 30 days
After 30 days contract will continue for a least three months before the contract expires.
Please contact Goldforest Cleaning ltd with any cleaning services that the customer is not happy with.